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This set of pages will allow you to compare different investment schemes, interest rates and terms to see how your money can grow over time. Money deposited into a bank account or some kind of guaranteed term investment is safe from just about everything (up to a certain amount) except inflation. Since current bank interest rates seldom exceed the rate of inflation, "savings" accounts are merely "safety" accounts. "Guaranteed Income" plans do somewhat better, but often tie up your money for a year or more. The stock market offers the best chance of investment growth, but, as we have all seen, it also offers the least safety and can be very volatile. Yet, historically, the stock market has had an average growth of 10 - 12% annually. "Guranteed Income" plans may yield 5 - 6%, while (over the past few years, at least) bank accounts have seldom exceeded 2%.

There are three scenarios to try out here. In the first, you can see how three different interest rates affect the growth of a one-time investment over a term of up to forty years.

The second scenario allows you to make an initial investment (if you do not want to use an initial investment, set it to "0"), then make a regular set monthly contribution. Again you can have three different interest rates to see how your investment can grow over as long as 40 years.

The final scenario allows you to see the effects different investment strategies can have. Enter an intial investment, a monthly contribution, an interest rate and a term (number of years). The results will display the effects of only an initial desposit, only a monthly deposit or combined initial and monthly deposits.

One Time Investment

What is your Investment? (Principal): $
Select annual interest rates to use: (Rate) A.% B.% C.%
How many years to display? (Term) years

Continuous Monthly Investments

What is your initial Investment? (Principal): $
What amount do you wish to invest monthly? : $
Select annual interest rates to use: (Rate) A.% B.% C.%
How many years to display? (Term) years

Compare Investment Methods

Enter an amount for a "One Time" Investment (Principal): $
Enter an amount to invest monthly: $
Select an Interest Rate: %
How many years do you wish to display? (Term) years

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